The REAL Hint for a perfect New Year's Eve
December, 31st 2014
Do NOT Underestimate New Year's Eve; the web is full of ideas and suggestion for your look. As always they seem to forget we're not young Jacqueline Kennedy unable to choose between Oscar de la Renta and the everyday Valentino.
New Year's Eve outfitNO WORRIES, I'll tell you what to do!
1) I know that you want to be cool, but you already know that at some point you'll have to stand for a few hours in a square, freezing your ass, so it's better to start with a double layer of wool sock
2) Allow yourself an extreme underwear, in the worse case is for your eyes only, but the only thing that matters is to feel gorgeous
3) Fashionbloggers say do not go overboard with the jewelry? Well I say, put it all, cause with a winter coat you won't notice even Lady Gaga 
4) Not over makeup? And how to I get to 7 am? A red lipstick (to reapply every 3 lemon vodka)

If you wish to experiece a dreamy New Year's Eve, I recommend you to try the simulated New Year's Eve. Choose a day in August, download the countdown, prepare the tipical dinner and pretend it's December 31st! Dress as you want, it's hot and you're tanned