It's a world of Truck Drivers
July, 24th 2017
After 25 years waiting, it's easy to be disappointed. I watched (for the second time) just the first two episodes of Twin Peaks new season and both times it was a fight against sleep.
David, it's too dreamy!

But don't worry, because me and Simo Früh are ready to cheer up this season 3 with the help of great Arianna Angeloni's camera. 
In a very hot afternoon at Villa Braila we put ourselves in Donna Hayward and Laura Palmer (alive)'s shoes..... sweater, jumpers and panty hoses! We are ready to enjoy our picnic, "having fun" in uncoordinated ballets and bizarre poses.

Despite sweat, tears and wool, we found the way to talk about David Lynch and a compliant feeling of boredom and disappointment came out. 
David exaggerated a bit in everything: definitely too slow, with unrequired soft-porn moments and a desperate search for humor, that end up stressing the characters (like an even more faded away Lucy Moran), and dressing up agent Cooper in a super tanned Renegade.... I don't know David, we're skeptical. It's getting harder and harder to watch!
With the words of David Foster Wallace in his famous article dedicated to you: "It's hard to tell if the director's a genius or an idiot."
Obviously we hope it's IDIOT!

All Pics by Arianna Angeloni © 
Models: Clotes & SimoFruh
Outfit: Laura's gilet Pine; Donna's full skirt Diane