4 reasons to marry an Italian woman
August, 15th 2016
Are you looking for a good girl, a keeper? There is just one country where you can find all these qualities, not mentioning the outstanding beauty.  Forget about pizza, mandolino e baffi neri and discover why you should totally marry and Italian woman.

1) She can cook. I mean really cooking, not bbq or spaghetti and ketchup; she can prepare an amazing Tiramisu with **sorry, secrets ingredients. The recipe is passed on from mother to daughter for generations**

2) She has a Green Thumb. Most of Italian women grew up in farms or in the country side, this is why they have a natural skill for gardening.

3) She has strong values. Such as family, house, soccer and religion of course.

4) She’s got style. Lots of!

Model: Judy Rhum
Dress 1: Mina - Dress 2: Altea - Dress 3: Blanca, designed and handmade by Clotes
Camera: Canon AE1 with Kodak color film