Fashion Editorial with the Italian star Cucinotta
June, 25th 2015
Guest star of this fashion editorial is a famous italian star: Miss Cucinotta.

Costanza wears a costume in waterproofed iridescent cotton and clear plastic made up of: a half-circle skirt, with high elastic waist and mini bolero with plastic back and really cool pearl buttons.

This outfit combines business with pleasure, thanks to the plastic fabric and the 38 degrees of this sunny afternoon in Tenerife, that will allow you to slim down 2 kilos each shooting. Costanza, who was passed her bikini test already in April, doesn't need it anymore, so hurry up! Book the last available piece and fit an XXS, without quitting tapas.

Serioulsy: the skirt is so cool, the jacket as well but too much scenic and not very portable, that's why you won't find it for sale.
For those who feel like Lady Gaga (but a bit more classy) the full outfit is available. You'll just have to stay still and not sweat, but as Vamp we are pretty used to, aren't we?