Twin Peaks 2016 – Audrey Horne
April, 7th 2015
Audrey Horne is Benjamin Horne's daughter, a business magnate owner of the Great Norther Hotel. She is not a close friend to Laura, even if they attend the same school, but they know each other since Laura tutored Audrey's mentally handicapped brother Johnny.
She develops a crush on FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper and she tries to help him investigate Laura's murder. All along the series Audry will plays several roles: spoiled and capricious little girl that derails one of her father's business, hostess at One-Eyed Jack's, business woman during her father’s illness, environmental activist engaged in acts of civil disobedience to save the local forest. 
While she is chained to the door of the bank vault, a bomb explodes inside the vault. Audrey’s fate is left ambiguos.
Will she survive the explosion? Are Audrey and Donna really sisters? We'll know in 2016 - Twin Peaks season 3

Audrey sketch by Maria Valcárcel "La descosida"
Audrey's jumper by Clotes