Twin Peaks - Nadine Hurley
February, 10th 2015
Nadine Hurley is Big Ed’s wife, she is famous for being half-crazy and for her eccentricity. She wears a patch over her left eye, lost in an accident during the honeymoon with Ed. Ed is actually in love with another woman (Norma Jennings), but during a short break up in high school he dated Nadine and promised to marry her. He did it, he lives in regrets and secret love for Norma (not so secret). 
Nadine is haunted by the sound of the curtains of her house, until Ed accidentally drops of engine oil on cotton balls and solve the problem. She attempts suicide with an overdose of pills and, after a long coma, she wakes up believing herself to be 17 years old and Ed’s girlfriend. She falls in love with Mike, a school fellow, and leave Ed. During this period she has super powers (she is strong as 10 men).
Ed is finally free to live his romance with Norma and marry her, but then Nadine suddenly regains his memory and returns with Ed.

How will it end between Ed and Norma? We'll know in 2016 - Twin Peaks season 3

Nadine sketch by Maria Valcárcel "La descosida"
Nadine jumper by Clotes