Twin Peaks 2016
January, 26th 2015
The 10th June 1999 Laura told us "I'll see you in 25 years". David (Lynch) shows us how every clues scattered in the series has its meaning and announces the official return of the series TWIN PEAKS in 2016. TWIN PEAKSCALM DOWN!!
I tell you how I did it:
1) breathe
2) breathe deeply
3) watch again the entire first series
4) watch again the second series
5) watch again “fire walk with me” (step not required)
6) feeling high, but especially fall in love again with costumes
7) look for them on the internet and find out that there is something not available in internet!
8) resew the cotumes by CLOTES
Why can’t you find Twin Peaks’s costumes on internet? Probably because they were all unique pieces, made (in the pilot) by Patricia Norris (David’s favorite dresses) and then by the great Sara Markowitz, who oversaw the entire series!
I don’t know who’s David’s choise for 2016 but if you need some help give me a call!!
In Clotes you will find a section dedicated to Twin Peaks, and a board on pinterest to inspire and share