2015 - Back to the future
January, 8th 2015
Here we are, finally living the future of 2015. We're all probably comparing the movie "Back to the future" to the actual future. 
2015Let's see what really happened: in the movie's 2015 fashion has a strong 80's influence (true), there are no mobile phone (false), there are flying cars (false), everybody is a skater (almost true). 
The necktie hasn't gone out of fashion (true), it has evolved: there are double-knot ties, such as that of Marty McFly and trasparent ties, like that of Doc. 

You have to know (now an annoing historiographical speech on fashion) that the name (cravat) comes from croatta scarf or hrvat (meaning Croatian), from the neckrchief of Croatian soldiers, it has been spread as a masculine ornament by French; there are more than 85 ways to tie it, which often take their name from the first character that used it in public (es: Windsor knot, by the Duke of Windsor). Stories about origin and use are many, some say that it would serve to cover shirt buttons. 
Now that men and women of the future have reached the highest stage of evolution and do not care anymore about appearance and look, surely we don't even care to hide our shirt's buttons. The transparent tie is thus the future tie, for men who has nothing to hide!

Soon is Carnival, which in case you still don't know, in canary Islands is a very serious issue! This year's theme is THE FUTURE, so if you wish to look like the Doc of the future, but you still can't find the accessories, it's because you have not tried in clotes!