Clotes vs Moncler
November, 29th 2014
Since I was sewing hard, I had no time to watch Tv neither to read the newspaper (but if you wish to know something more have a look here)

However, I'm not ashamed to take advantage of this fact by using topical ashtag of the things that I've understood.
Here it goes: #moncler #gooses #report #bad
So this year get rid of your Moncler and wear the FRAC!

The Frac is a jacket with tails, the neck has a classic shawl collar made in silk, three buttons on each side, only decorative (you don't actually close the frac), two pence on the front and back darts.

I realized it with turquoise silk and deep blue crepe, one tail, to avoid the hustle and the exploitation of workers (that is me...) and I did not put the buttons; instead of the classic sleeve I used the man style one (basic two-two piece sleeve), because it is the most beautiful (I had already drawn the pattern)

The Frac by Clotes is perfect for the winter (in Canary Islands) and much better than an usual winter coat stained with the blood of the poor animals/people exploited.

At worst it is stained with my blood, in case I sting myself with a pin or cut me while I peel an apple :)